Monday, August 20, 2007

Brunch with 2 1/2 new neighbors!!

Shmara and her WB brought a wonderful dessert made with strawberries and wine. It is french so I won't even try to tell you what it was called. Why I didn't get a picture of it is beyond me. But isn't the pot nice?
Homemade Latkes for Shmara
Egg Souffle
Shmara before eating

Shmara after eating

I see a noticeable difference in the size of that child. I think my latkes are magic.

Finally we had Shmara and her WB over. We had everything pictured above (except Shmara)plus bacon, Mimosas and Shmamosas. There is just something I like about serving bacon and Latkes. It seems so taboo.
We had so much fun. It seems like yesterday I got a call from Shmara saying she was moving back and now she is here!! I know I will be seeing them a lot since they just moved in blocks away from us. I could not be happier about it. Or the certain "blessed event" that will take place in about 4 months. I must revel in the fact that for a few months, at least, Shmara's belly will be bigger than mine!


Arties32 said...

She's baaackkk!!! WOW - I am sure you are happy to have Schmara back in Richmond. She looks absolutely wonderful. Tell her to post on her baby site, I thought that she and her WB fell into a black hole! Send her our good wishes, kisses and hellos! CHICKIE FACE AND TLMM

Le Synge Bleu said...

arties32, i am posting, i promise! we did fall into a black hole, but the latkes brought me back and a post is forthcoming.

schmuffin face, the blessed event is actually in about 5 months (a little less) you've got a while of sitting next to hippo butt here!

JB said...

You are so not a hippo butt! Sorry for the miscalculation but as you can see from all the comments everyone agrees that you look wonderful! Can't wait to see you again! XO

Brett said...

You are quite obviously the best cook in the entire world. I have always wanted to try and make a souffle. Yours looks like something I would like to sleep on. -this is Audra, not Brett

JB said...

Audra - too funny! Your comment cracks me up. My Souflee does kind of resemble those big Dr. Seuss Pillows in the book "I had trouble in getting to Salla Sellew" (I am sure I spelled that wrong, BTW)