Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 5769!

Steve O. and me went down to Portsmouth again this week. We braved the Holiday traffic but luckily we avoided the Rosh Hashanah rush. Good thing. Once I was stuck in really bad Passover traffic - that was the worst. We had a wonderful time at dinner and at services. I love hearing my fathers sermons. He always has great things to say. I guess that comes with being a Rabbi. My favorite part of the sermon was when he talked about life and death, He said we should come into the world crying while everyone around us is smiling and we should leave this world smiling while those around us cry.

Harry and Allison.

My Nephew Harry kept asking where the novelty cheese was. He has very sophisticated taste.

The before dinner spread consisted of Jan's famous chopped liver, olive tapanad, marinated veggies and large olives.

candid shots of party goers.
Included in the before dinner treats were these bagel nots with meatballs inside them. Brutti (from Brutti's reastaurant) made them and brought them. They are usually done with cream cheese in the center but they did not want to risk it by bringing any dairy. I am glad they opted for the meatball center. I had three and then tried to think of a proper name for them. We all came up with, cow balls, brutti's balls, or Smagel nots.

A quiet moment of calm before the Rosh Hashanah storm.

Pop and Kitty Mom lighting the candles.

Kitty made a wonderful cold champagne and fruit soup with creme fresh on the side.

There were many kinds of honey to choose from.

Steve O. loved this pound cake.

The spread.

Fun goodie bags for our guests.

A very ugly dog. (sorry Tyvel)

Allison and Aunt Muffin Face

Allison again!!! She loves having her picture taken. I wonder who she got that from?

Kitty Mom and G.

Wishing everyone a very Happy and healthy New Year.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend Gigs- updated...

Steve O. will be performing tonight at Poe's Pub with his band Dick Butt Kiss and the Tight Ends.

Tonight is the opening of The Clean House at Barksdale Theatre Willow Lawn. Directed by my BFF!!! (Steve P.)

Good thing I made a pact with the devil years ago and can actually be in two places at once. I wouldn't want to miss either of these exciting events.

Also - an on going event that many talented friends are in is Side Show at Swift Creek Mill. Don't miss that either!

There are also many beautiful, great actors in the Firehouse Production of Eurydice.

And at the Barksdale Hanover Tavern (formerly Shirley's Kitchen) the amazing Joy Williams takes the stage in Driving Miss Daisy.

OMG! Almost forgot there is Scott Wichmann as Richard III at Henley Street. That will be a must see too. I will be busy for a couple weeks catching all these great shows. Yeay!

Sorry if I am leaving anyone out - there are many great productions happening in Richmond right now!!

In the category of exciting family news: Marisol (my youngest Niece) used the Potty yesterday for the first time and got a congratulatory call from Cinderella! I say - enjoy it while you can Marisol. I used the potty yesterday and the only call I got was from my Mother telling me to go to the dentist.

And my Brother and Sis-In-Law in Atlanta had a lovely article written about their house. You can find that here: http://www.ajc.com/news/content/living/homeandgarden/stories/2008/09/28/cobb_cape_cod_remodel.html

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and maybe I will see some of you out and about.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The left over king

I came home from work the other day and Steve was putting the left over Corned Beef to great use. I was so proud of him. And OMG - it tasted so good. I asked him if I could take some pics of it and talk about it here. He opened a can of sliced potatoes and chopped up an onion. He threw the onion in a hot griddle with some butter and oil then he added the chopped up brisket and little pieces of potatoes. The brisket was so flavorful and some pieces had crispy edges. Real homemade corned beef hash is so much better than the stuff out of the cans. I know I have mentioned that my people don't eat meat out of cans but this is an exception - being corned beef and all.

He asked me if I wanted any while he was cooking it and I said no because I wasn't hungry but by the time he plated everything up I could not resist a taste. Once I had a taste I had to have more. I did leave him a little but next time he is making this and he asks me if I want any I will say "YES" no matter what!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Very Special Gig.

Steve O. and I went to Temple Sinai in Portsmouth Saturday night. We had been invited to entertain the crowd of WW II Veterans at a dinner honoring them and other war Veterans. I was surprised when we walked in how many people were there. The social Hall of the temple was decorated beautifully and everyone was having a great time. I wished at that moment that Steve and I could have worked more, practiced more but the time for that never seems to be enough. I was more familiar with the standards of that era (between 35 and 45) and Steve knew many blues songs from that time. We didn't have a ton of war themed songs but I think the crowd enjoyed us anyway. We had so much fun that Steve O. and I decided to take our WW II act on the road in Richmond and pledged to go to a few senior facilities with our act. I will update you on that as it happens.
We arrived there about an hour into the party because Steve had to work late and we drove in from Richmond. Unfortunately we missed the Veterans each telling their stories That is something I was very sorry to have missed but heard it was very touching. If they do this next year I will make a point to get there early. One man even brought sand from Omaha Beach.

Here are a few pics I took - I didn't take a ton because I was too busy enjoying myself and spending time with these great folks!

Steve O. belting out a tune and playing piano too.

Pop and Steve all dressed up. (There was a picture with Kitty too and she looked beautiful but Steve's eyes were shut - sorry Kitty!)

The Rivens

a section of the crowd enjoying their dinner.

A proud son and grandson.

A few of the honorees.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Now It makes more sense

Below is the original album cover for Herb Alberts Tijuana Brass - I am clearly too young to remember when it came out in 1965. I was at the tender age of minus 3. Maybe my Sissy remembers it? (She is much much older than I am.)

Apparently folks loved to mimic it - here was Soul Asylums take on the cover:

Then they did a re-whip (mix) of the original album in 2006 with this cover:

This made me think I would like to see more parodies of this. Why don't my readers send me pictures of their own version of this album cover?
Hey - I dare you (triple dog) - use any kind of food and any person (place, or thing) It just has to somehow honor the original cover. I am not asking for raunchy -
Any takers?
PS - thank you to my Sissy and Jean A. for their research and in site into solving the mystery of the album cover.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Album cover I wish I owned -

Sometimes - there just aren't any words.... but I did find myself staring at this for a rather long period of time just trying to figure out the message they are attempting to send. Then it made me think about the movie where the older ladies made a saucy calendar to raise money for one of their husbands cancer operation. Are these those ladies? Or are they just doing this, um, for fun.

Post Show "Shirley" Review.

Just when you thought it was all over - Dave T. , Style Weekly reviewer, had some double-fab and mega-brill words to say about seeing "Shirley Valentine" with his Mother, Daughter and Wife in tow. Thank you Dave -

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Post

I know you have all been wanting a new post (all two of you) - frankly I could never get tired of looking at pictures of the beautiful Christine and Matt - but I have had a few complaints so here goes.

The rumours are true - I am cooking again! But you know what it is like when you haven't done something in a while- You get a little rusty, don't you? I could have written a post yesterday called "Chicken that tastes like shit and looks even worse" but I decided against it.

So last night was a little better (if not at all kosher). I made pork chops that were thick and beautifully cut with the bone shaped like a big lamb chop - maybe they were French cut or something? Anyway, you get the picture - fancy cut. I was so excited and giddy with anticipation at what Steve O. would say when he arrived home and for the first time in many months he was in a house that smelled like something good was cooking. I even made a few latkies - because I could!! I toasted some chic peas because we (me) love to snack on them while cooking and then throw the rest into a salad for dinner. I also made some broccoli with a little cheese sauce. Then I waited. It wouldn't be long before Steve O. would be home. I sat on the sofa and poured a glass of wine - so proud of all the food I cooked. I heard the door open and as soon as Steve O. walked in I could tell something was wrong. He said he had felt sick all day and wasn't hungry at all.

(I hope it wasn't the sh**ty chicken from the night before)

I ate the dinner anyway but it wasn't the same. Lets hope he is feeling better today and I can try again to cook something this weekend.

But for now - since my sissy got tired of looking at the last post - here is a great album cover I found on line. Please enjoy responsibly..........

Now - what do you think is on this album? Maybe a little Dogra Streisand? Or some Barky Midler?