Monday, April 13, 2009

Robert had a Birthday and Steve P. cooked.

I am a few weeks behind on reporting this story - or ANY story really - and It might be like this for a few more weeks while I am planning the wedding - and going slowly crazy. Seriously - as of right now I will be walking down the isle in Pajama's.
Anyway... On Robert's Birthday (or actually before) Steve P. cooked! - I am not sure this happens very often so I wanted to savor every delicious bite.

This Lasagna was so good. Steve P. made it with sausage.

Yummy green salad

Bread with a onion cheese topping

Flour less chocolate cake that melted in my mouth. And homemade whipped cream.

and last but not least - the beautiful center piece really pulled the whole table together...

This, um, thing blows bubbles out of it's tushy.

Really - The meal was wonderful. And I way very proud of Steve P.
Happy very belated Birthday Robert. You are a Prince among men.