Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flying High

OK - Today at the place where I work Leland Melvin is visiting to talk to school groups and staying for the African American Trailblazers event tonight. I just have to say he is beautiful and we have all fallen in love with him at first sight. If you don't know who he is - he is an astronaut and only 4 years older than I am. Went to U of R and then UVA.

You can read about him here

I just had a long conversation with him about people who are afraid to fly - he pulled out his phone and showed me the pictures he took of our atmosphere from the space shuttle! Then someone took a pic of us together with my phone that DID NOT SAVE! I did manage to get this:

Steve called me today and I did mention to him briefly that I was in love with another man. That's OK, right?

While we were talking Leland asked me if I was going to be at the event tonight - I said no cuz, well, I am not - I guess it is for the best. I am afraid of flying so it would probably never work. Also I apparently can't even spell astronaut without the aid of spell check. That would probably end up annoying him, than I would get angry and resentful. And he is going up there again in a few months! Yep - all for the best.

PS - I am not worried about hurting Steve's feelings because he never reads my blog!
And he knows I love him more than anything - even a flashy, smooth talking, astronaut.


Jacquie said...

So, Harriett reminded me that Emma was coming with her school group, so I went down to see her...took one look at him and pushed her aside so I could get closer to that smile. Can we share him? I touched his hand and gazed into his eyes like a school girl. I think he was laughing at me on the inside.

Arties32 said...

He's mom's type anyway.

JB said...

I know - I just talked to her about him and aparently she already knew who he was and got very excited. She said "Is he African American? - because If he is I have seen pictures of him and he is so cute!"

Anonymous said...

are you girls making fun of me? yes, I know all of the astronauts! I am jealous that my students weren't invited. Jacquie-you are so funny!

Anonymous said...

I guess there's no hope that he plays for my team.... Ah well, a girl can dream.


Jacquie said...

Muffin...isn't it time to start posting the adventures of Muffin getting married? You know, the rollercoaster that is the planning of a wedding...the joy, the headaches, the...headaches.

Come'll be fun!

steve said...

That's what you think . . .